Additional indicators for the MSFD

The indicators list through which the evaluation of the good environmental status of marine waters is made, as well as for regional seas conventions as for the MSFD, is in constant evolution. It is designed to be completed and improved during the cycles of their implementation. The D4 particularly need a research work on the indicators construction (cf. relevance of the MSFD indicators).

In the articles of this sector, indicators which might potentially be the subject of a future inclusion in the D4 criteria established by the E.C., in order to complete and improve the definition of the good environmental status, are presented. These indicators are :

  • either undergoing construction before to be included in management policies (for example via regional seas conventions like OSPAR),
  • either not included yet in the management policies, but for whom the use present a sure interest.

In both cases, two gaps currently limit their inclusion in management policies :

  • their development stage still premature,
  • the lack of data allowing their construction and their test in the marine subregions concerned.

The Monitoring programmes and the Knowledge acquisition programmes might potentially allow to fill these gaps , that is why it is important to consider the needs of construction of these indicators prior to the implementation of these programmes.









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