Georges SAFI

Safi Georges is a doctor in marine biology specialised in physiology and biology of organisms - populations - interactions. His career, academic and professional, has been always focusing on the marine world and the various problems that may relate to it: From eco-physiological study of marine organisms and certain associated anthropogenic pressures, to sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystem protection.

During the preparation of his graduate degree, he discovered during internships in the Coastal Environment Research Centre CREC, the effects of anthropogenic pressures on marine organisms (eg effect of heavy metals on the embryonic stages of Sepia officinalis) but also the recovery of by-products from fishing such as autolysates as supplementary food in rearings (Dicentrarchus labrax and Penaeus japonicus) (for more sustainable management of waste from marine exploitations). In this context of marine by-products recovery, he worked thereafter, during his master and in collaboration with the company IVAMER on the extraction of Beta-chitin (for pharmaceuticals) from cuttlefish bone using a biological fermentation process. He then completed his university studies in the UMR BOREA by doing a thesis during 3 years that he defended on May 13, 2013. This work was part of a sustainable management project on cephalopods aiming to provide recommendations to fishermen and managers to protect nursery areas, major areas contributing to the renewal of the cuttlefish stock (Project INTERREG IV-A CRESH). As part of this project, the thesis has mainly examined the physiological performance (ie maturation of the digestive and immune systems) of early life stages of cuttlefish in relation to eggs incubation conditions, looking at abiotic conditions (ie temperature and salinity), in various nurseries of the English and French coasts of the English Channel.

From June 2013 to September 2015, Georges Safi had held a position of "project manager" for the D4 of the MSFD at UMR BOREA (Caen) with a greater emphasis on international work providing support to D4. As such, he was deputy leader of the FoodWebs COBAM group which gathers European experts working on food webs issues within OSPAR). The group is currently focusing on the development of biodiversity indicators (List of indicators) that would become common to the different EU member states.










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